Monday, March 19, 2012

Let's flock home !

At 10th of May 2012 FLOCK-AIR is celebrating her fourth birthday and for this reason FLOCK-Air launched the action "let's flock home". This means all 170 airplanes should come to Vienna LOWW. This is not so easy, because the planes are distributed all over the world.
I love to fly with the Beechcraft King Air 350, a two engine turboprop. So I looked around where in the world such planes are waiting for the trip to Vienna. And I found one at Honolulu with the registration HW-001. It would be a challenge, to fly this plane home! HW-001 have a theoretical range of 1800 nm and Honolulu is not somewhere, but it is far in the pacific ocean. So i was spinning the globe in Google Earth on and on, then I had a possible route, which I filed to FLOCK-AIR.
So, now can start "the long return of HW-001 to Vienna"


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