Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The long return of HW-001, Part 2, PMDY - PADK

So, now we start over the big water. From the Midway-Islands to Adak-Island, an isle in the Aleutian Archipelago.
1400 nm only water. No radionavigation, no other airports, only GPS and a magnetic compass. Yesterday I made some testflights, to test some different configurations. I found out, that climbing to the cruise flight level with full throttle and maximum climbing speed, needs less fuel than climbing with 1800ft/min forced from autopilot.
And I could reduce the fuel consumption to 400 lbs/h.
Weather is good today, so hurry up to the runway.

Before the takeoff, I realised that I made no flightplan today, but never mind, there is only water between the departure and arrival airports. So I programmed Adak Island as direct destination into the GPS. Flightlevel 050 is programmed and the autopilot is armed.
So full throttle and take off....

Right after takeoff retracting the landing gear and activating the autopilot.

This results in a sharp curve to north, climbing to 5000 ft. Landing- and Taxilight off.

Than with humming up to FL250.....

In the background below the clouds you can see the Midways.

And now we have five hours over open water.
The weather is beautiful, the wind is kindly assisting at flying and I am glad that there is an autopilot in the HW-001.

So I could let the autopilot fly and meanwhile take the dinner and chat with my passengers (my wife and our cat ), but from time to time I kept an eye at the instruments.

After five and a half hour the first signs of land appeared.

So again down and below the clouds.

The land in front of the airplane is Adak Island, but no sign from the airport, it must be behind the mountains.

Now lets see, first we are jumping over the first mountain.

I can see the airport!
But, Stop!
What makes the mountain in front of my runway ?!
I see, this will be a sightseeing tour around the mountain.

Slowly I come nearer and I will make a slight turn to the left and then into the final.

The final !

Ups! A few meters to the left, but: yes we can!

Landed at Adak Island ! We made the ride over the big water!
Thank you for flying with FLOCK-AIR.

The next flight goes over the beringsea to russia.

to be continued


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