Friday, April 20, 2012

The long return of HW-001, Part 5, UHMP - UEST

Today we are flying from Pevek (UHMP) to Tiksi (UEST)
Takeoff very early, because we have to fly over 800 nautical miles.
It is relatively dark, the runway lights are on, the autopilot is armed for 5000 ft, and there we go....

Here I am at 5000ft, direction west, in fact west-north-west, because the GPS is flying a great circle, the shortest way at a globe.

Again climbing, up to FL240, right below we see the runway of Pevek

Up to the Stars....

Now it is obvious, that the simulated moon has a little problem. It is standing at the correct side of the sun, it is a small sickle, because yesterday was newmoon. But it should stand below the horizon, because we have sunrise and in this phase, the moon is following the sun. So this moon ist to high.

We are moving northern of the 70. degree latitude, so the sun is creeping along the horizon.

After 600 miles, cumulus clouds are appearing. A warranty for turbulences, because I am flying at the tops of the clouds, so climbing up for 1000 ft is better for a calm flight.

Now, this a respectable frontal system.....

Oh,ah, here we have -68°C, quickly switching on anti-ice, to protect my engines. The ITT is at the lower range of the allowed temperature.

Slowly I begin to sink, first to come into warmer fields and second that I have not to fall down like a Kamikaze later on.

The clouds are piling up....

and then, 60 miles infront of the destination, a snow shower!

So, down below the clouds, I want to see something!

The shower is over, the lights are on....

Now I have to fly the base leg for the runway 21, than a soft landing and again snow...

Again the apron is a hayfield, I will park beside the tower.

to be continued


The long return of HW-001, Part 4, UHMA - UHMP

Today we are flying from Anadyr (UHMA) tp Pevek (UHMP).

taxiing to runway 17 and following takeoff....

Weather is ok, the wind is moving us in the right direction, the landscape is interesting...

The little lakes are looking like footstamps of a giant.

So, now I have to deviate from the straight GPS-line, to line up with the runway. The runway is to see behind the little lake near the coast.

This was in comparison to the other flights a little hop of 350 nautical miles. And here we are at the northern coast of Russia, in this direction we could fly to the northpole.
The runway is in front of us, but what is not to see at this picture: There are lots of trees  and at the final, from left and right  trees were looking into the cockpit, so that I had not so good feelings.

But the landing was ok.

At the following picture, you can see that there are lot of trees around the airport and the apron is a hayfield.

Now, on the block....

to be continued