Saturday, May 26, 2012

Honolulu's adventures, the european part...

Now I am starting in Vienna (LOWW) and the first leg leads me to Rijeka (LDRI).

Here I am flying over the "Wechsel"..

in the vicinity of Graz...

we have a look to Klagenfurt...

approaching Ljubljana, we are in Slowenia..

In the background we can see the adriatic sea and the island Krk with the airport of Rijeka..

In the base leg of the rijeka-approach.

the final...

The next flight goes from Rijeka to Tirana(Albania).

 Takeoff from Rijeka (LDRI)

Climbing over the eastern adriatic coast with the Islands...

We are looking to Zadar

here we see an artificial lake in the province of Knin...

in the background we see the islands of Brac and Hvar

we fly in the vicinity of Dubrovnik

approaching Tirana (LATI), our todays destination.

The next leg leads us from Tirana to Athens (LGAV).
 taxiing to takeoff in Tirana

To the left we see Lake Ioannina and far in the background Greece is appearing.

Overflight of LGPZ (Preveza), we are in Greece.

Trihonida Lake and the airports LGAG and GX01 (Agrinion). In the background under the clouds we see the Peloponnes.

We are flying towards Corinthos, in the background to the left one can see Athens.

Overflight of the Isthmus of Corinthos

Approaching Athens ....

going in the downwindleg of LGAV

and the final.....

landed in Athens

With the next leg we are leaving Europe...
LGAV - LTAI (Antalya)

Takeoff from LGAV. But before we are going enroute, I make something, what is strictly forbidden in real live: I make a low-level-flight around the Acropolis!

They are watching me!

Ok, enough played around, sharp left turn and climbing to cruising altitude...

Overflying the aegean sea, to the left is Chios.

We are leaving Europe, approaching Izmir..

flying over Turkey, in the background we see Antalya.

In the downwindleg of LTAI and.....

landed in Antalya.
We are now in Middle East.

to be continued


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