Friday, May 11, 2012

The long return of HW-001, Part 10, ULAA-ULLI

Part 10 of the long trip leads us from Archangelsk to St. Petersburg (ULLI)

In Archangelsk we have really taxiways.
Here we go again, meanwhile we are in Europe!

Short stop at runway 26, to have a lookout for traffic? No traffic, then taxiing to rwy26.

Ready for takeoff!

Shortly after takeoff a leftturn to St. Petersburg.

A view back to Archangelsk.

The big water out there is the white sea and below the horizon lies Murmansk.

flying above the Republic Karelia

The weather is changing, I am getting more and more headwind.

The airport down there is Petrozavodsk.
Meanwhile I looked at the METAR of St. Petersburg: Snowshower, turbulent winds, temperature 0°C. ... good luck!

 In front of us is the Lake Ladoga, from the ground is not much to see. The distance is 106nm, in a short time I can start with the descent. There exists a formula to determine the distance at which one can begin with the descent: flightlevel/3 .
I am on FL260, that means 260/3 ~ 87nm.

at 8000ft I am at the tops of the clouds.

at 5000 ft I am flying between two cloudlayers.

now I must turn off from the direct course, because the landing runway is the 10, and therefore I have to fly a loop.

Turning into the direction of rwy10, hoping that the ILS establishes, because I see nothing.

ILS is established, again I see nothing but the snowshower.

Finally, 500ft above ground I see the runway lights.

Turbulent landing, but a landing!

At taxiing to the parking position, one can see that the shower is almost over.

to be continued


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