Monday, May 14, 2012

The long return of HW-001, Part 11, ULLI - EPWA

Now I am going to takeoff for the last but one leg of my journey. From St. Petersburg to Warszawa.

Weather is showerly, temperature 0°C, autopilot is set to 26000ft, GPS is activated, ready for takeoff.

Going inside the shower clouds and up ....

slowly I am coming out of the clouds, flying now the turn towards Warszawa.

At right-hand outside a beautiful thunderstorm-cloud can be seen.

The clouds out there are looking drastic, but I am flying away :-)

There I can see out to the baltic sea, I am flying over a Europe in springtime....

Meanwhile I am flying in the downwind leg for the landing in Warszawa.

As one can see at the EFIS (red arrow), I have no glideslope indicator, so once again the ILS is not working. The Approach I have to make by handsteering.

In the final !

landed !

Welcome to Warszawa, in the middle of Europe (measured on the mastered way till now)

So its looking, when the ILS is not working properly (the stairs in the approach)

The next leg is the final way home.

to be continued...


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