Monday, May 14, 2012

The long return of HW-001, Part 12, EPWA - LOWW

Now, today is the day: we are flocking home!
The last leg from Warszawa to Vienna (EPWA - LOWW).

In front of us, there are some clouds, but we will climb over their tops.

The flight is going from Poland , via Czech Republic to Austria.

There, I was flying over Ostrava into the north-easterly corner of the Czech Republic, we continue via Zlin and Breclav to Austria (Lower Austria).

Here we are in the area of Poysdorf, Mistelbach, Staatz. In the distance we see the Wienerwald, Vienna and left in the background one can see the Neusiedler See. I am at the way to VOR Stockerau, because ATIS from LOWW says, the actual landing runway is the 11. So I have to fly over NDB Steinhof and the town of Vienna. At Stockerau I make a turn to the south and let me catch from the ILS of the 11.

The look to Vienna and the river Danube with the "new Danube"...

We are looking to the "Tullner Feld" and see the floodplain forests of the Danube. Just above the instruments we see a piece of the motorway A22.

Here we are above Vienna, in the distance we see the refinery Schwechat and the Airport.

At the righthand side of the propeller spinner we see the motorway A23 and the Porr-Building at the "Laaer Berg".

Again the refinery and the airport, we are in final to the RWY 11, ILS is established.

just before the landing...

and ..... AT  HOME!!!!
After about 8000 nautical miles landed in Schwechat (LOWW).

At this long flight I have learned quite a lot in geography, and I have learned, how beautiful it is, to see and to identify the cities, rivers and mountains at home.


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