Thursday, May 3, 2012

The long return of HW-001, Part 6, UEST - UOHH

Today it's going from Tiksi (UEST) to Khatanga (UOHH).
At takeoff, I have a respectable snowshower....

A look back to Tiksi...

and thats me, seen from tower:

Again I am flying at the sunrise and on the way to Khatanga it will not be really bright.
As one can see at the picture, again we are going up to the stars, the high cirrus clouds are growing to a cirrostratus and after a time I am moving between two cloudlayers. (seen on the next picture)
Exact this situation I had at a flight in real live from Innsbruck to Vienna.

After some time the cirrostratus disappeared and the sky was dark and I could see the stars.
But: I started the flight at sunrise and I am one hour on the way, why is it still dark?
So I made a calculation: I am flying with 250 knots in westerly direction, and at a latitude of 72 degrees north I make 13 longitude degrees per hour. The sun make 15 longitude degrees per hour.
So the sun is in one hour only 2 degrees quicker than I. So it is clear, that I can see into the deep twilight for a relatively long time, before the sun is so high above the horizon, that the twilight disappears.

Again there are some cumulus clouds, which made the flight bumpy, but an other Problem arises: In this height (21000ft) there are -77°C, so that the ITT-temperature falls on the edge of the green area and reads only 450°C. So, down to a flightlevel with higher temperatures, even if I must into the clouds. At FL180 the temperature is at -65°C and the ITT-temperature rises to 500°C. After some time the temperature goes to -55°C and I can again fly at a higher level.

Now, slowly the airport of Khatanga should come in sight. But the flightsim-weather is preset to "real weather" and the METAR of UOHH says cloud ceiling at 5000ft.
So, down to 5000..... nothing..
But, as I have only 15 miles to the airport, again down to 2000ft...

and there, at 2800ft the runway comes in sight!

Now autopilot off, deploy flaps, gear down. The final is some like a Kamikaze, but in some way I make it.

and .....

landed in Khatanga !
What a melodic name!
From here on, I have "only" 1000nm to the edge of Europe.... :-)

to be continued


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