Friday, May 11, 2012

The long return of HW-001, Part 7, UOHH - UOOO

Today's Part of my journey goes from Khatanga to Alykel/Norilsk (UOOO). A short hop of some 350nm. Weather is ok, rarely winds at flightlevel and if there are winds, then in the right direction.

Today I am starting a little bit later, so that I can fly at daylight.

The landscape is interesting, many small and big lakes, some riversystems.

the area is becoming hilly.

Again I see that Siberia is very, very big. Now I understand, that one needs eight days, if one goes with the transsiberian railway from one end to the other.
I am now flying many hours over Siberia, and I have over 700 nautical miles to the Ural-Range, which is the border between Europe and Asia.
But today I have a flighttime of one and a half hour, and I have to descend to lower levels, because we are approaching the Airport.

Far away left, you can see signs from the Airport, we have some fifteen miles to go.

There backwards, a really mountain!

and.... HW-001 has landed.

Again we have a grassland-parking.
A the briefing I did not notice, that Alykel has an ILS. Out of habit, I made the landing by handsteering ;-)

The look out of the tower... till now I did not know that am flying with a tie :-))

The next leg is going to Salekhard (USDD) over 500 miles, there I am nearly in Europe.

to be continued...


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