Friday, May 11, 2012

The long return of HW-001, Part 8, UOOO - USDD

Today Salekhard is the new destination..

Shortly after takeoff up to flightlevel 050..

Here the look back to Alykel. One thing I have to let the Russians: They have loooooong runways! Perhaps because they have enough place ?
Then, again up to flightlevel 240.

 A trip over phenomenal stream landscapes and sea arms.

There is again a big sea arm.
Meanwhile I climbed to flightlevel 260, because there I am travelling at 275 knots and with 800 lbs/h.

here now some looks off the cockpit:

We have only some 60 miles to the destination, time to loose height.

There in the river-bend, we see the first signs of the Airport of Salekhard.

And again a lawn-parking, bat the airplane and I, we are ok.

to be continued


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