Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Honolulus Adventures, Middle East

Now we are in the Middle East, in Antalya. The next destination is Malatya (LTAT).

After takeoff in Antalya we are flying along the south coast of Turkey.

In the background Cyprus is to see.

In front of the airplane we see the Karadag (The Black Mountain) and the lake in the background is a swamp lake, the Hotamis Gölü.

Approaching LTAT, the lake is the Karakaya Baraji, a barrier lake.

The next destination is LTCI at the Van-Lake

Taxiing to the takeoff

Some clouds are appearing, in the valleys I can see fog.

We are approaching the Van-Lake the landscape is volcanic.
The fog-layer is thick.

Here we see the crater lake of the Nemrut, a volcano.

Approaching the airport is not so easy.....

But... I found it!

The next flight goes from LTCI to Baku (UBBB)

Ready for takeoff! We are at a height of 5478ft, so we are higher than the cloudbase.
This flight will be a volcanic ride :-)

We are flying next to Mount Süphan, the second highest volcano of Turkey.

Approaching Mount Ararat. I did not know, that Mount Ararat a volcano is.
It's a big mountain....
This peak is the "Little Ararat".

Good Bye, Ararat

The lake in the background is the Lake Sewan.

Flying over and in cumulus clouds

The peninsula of Baku is in sight.

In the final to UBBB (Baku).
Very short final, very left.....

Landed and taxiing in Baku.

Our next leg goes across the Caspian Sea to Asgabat in Turkmenistan.

Oh, there are some big colleagues in Baku...
and two more..

Over the Caspian Sea..

In Turkmenistan

The airport of Asgabat

In the downwindleg

and landed in Asgabat (UTAA).
We are now in the Orient ?  :-)

The next leg leads us to Türkmenabat

Takeoff in Asgabat

We are flying over great deserts.

Approaching Türkmenabat, lying at the Amu Darya River.

Final at Türkmenabat

Our next destination is Samarqand.

Some lakes...
We are now in Uzbekistan.

 In front of the airplane is the Kattakurgon Reservoir, a barrier lake.

approaching Samarqand....

and in the final, far away we can see some high mountains, the precursors of the Himalaya.

The next leg leads us into the high mountains of Pakistan, to Gilgit OPGT.